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Visiting Uzupis in Vilnius, Lithuania

Visiting the fun, artistic, and bohemian neighborhood of Uzupis in Vilnius, Lithuania.

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Not Led Zeppelin! Lithuanian Zeppelin

Rob tries the hearty and filling Lithuanian dumpling called the Cepelinai, or as it's also known, the Zeppelin.

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709 - Conserving Marine Biology in Raja Ampat

The Seatrek Saling Adventure's Ombak Putih is working to save our oceans from plastic.

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Behind the Scenes

Grandmother & Granddaughter Bond w/ Travel

Lovely grandmother and her granddaughter use travel as a way to bond and strengthen their relationship.

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815 Webcut - Bad Hair Day in Laos

Travel is tough on hair, especially when you don't have much to begin with. Throw in some cheap (government-issued?) shampoo, and it's a hat day all day!

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809 Behind the Scenes - Touring El Sub in Medellin, Colombia

The Castilla barrio in Medellin, Colombia is far off the tourism trail, but thanks to our pal Andres from the band Los Suziox, we've gotten to know the area well.…

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Extended Web Cuts

814 Webcut Extra 2: Anti-Flag Interview

Bonus interview from legendary, socially conscious punk rockers Anti-Flag.

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816 Webcut Extra - Historic Goldsboro's Crooms Academy Museum

Rob tours one of the nation's first black townships, Historic Goldsboro in Central Florida, and the Crooms Academy Museum.

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814 Webcut Extra 1 - DakhaBrakha in Concert

A short montage of Ukraine's famed "DakhaBrakha" live in concert in New York City, October, 2019.

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Trailers & Previews

813 Trailer - Going Solo: Kingston, Jamaica

Rob embarks on a first-time, solo, urban exploration of Kingston, Jamaica, to explore the unique culture, music, and food.

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812 Episode Preview - My Fellow Travelers

Rob discusses world travel with world travelers while traveling the world.

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817 Trailer - A Friend Indeed

Rob discovers the joy of being a friend indeed to neighbors most in need all around the world.

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Travel Tips

Packing for a Side Trip

Rob's tips for packing on a long road trip.

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Fighting Sea Sickness Naturally

On your next cruise, try sea bands to naturally prevent sea sickness.

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810 Tip - Dressing Appropriately for Ethiopia

Northern Ethiopia is home to some iconic religious sites. Rob shares some tips on how to dress appropriately.

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