Raw Travel Videos - Extended Web Cuts

602 Web Cut #2 - Setting Up An RV

If you're new to RV travel, here are some useful tips for setting up your RV. If you prefer, renting an RV and having it set up for you is…

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601 Web Cut #1 - Temple Stay

Rob converses with fellow guest Joanna about her experience at a Temple Stay in South Korea

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601 #2 - South Korean Bathrooms Are Cool!

Bathrooms in South Korea aren't just utilitarian necessities, they can be serious technological wonders.

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516 Webcut Extra - Visiting a Temple in Seoul, South Korea

Rob awakes early to escape the crew while filming in Seoul, South Korea and visit a Buddhist Temple.

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514 Webcut Extra: Henderson, Louisiana for an RV Road Trip

An RV Road Trip in Cajun Country is "Se Bon" and if you want authentic Cajun, Zydeco and Creole culture hit up the town of Henderson in Southern Louisiana.

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504 Webcut Extra - Guadeloupe: An Undiscovered Gem

Raw Travel TV catches up with ex-pat travel consultant Reed van Renesse to talk about why he thinks Guadeloupe is the Caribbean's undiscovered travel gem for U.S. travelers.

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509 Webcut Extra - Portuguese Language 101

Rob gets a basic Portuguese language lesson from the folks at the Azores Touch in Terceira Island in the Azores.

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502 Webcut Extra - Vamos Expeditions

Vamos Expeditions is a Peru based travel agency that specializes in travel experiences centered around authenticity, social responsibility, and respect.

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501 Webcut Extra: Earthquake Houses for the Poor

Building inexpensive but effective housing for families living in earthquake zones in developing destinations.

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410 Philly - Webcut Extra: Mural Arts Philadelphia

Raw Travel catches up with Mural Arts Philadelphia founder Jane Golden on the importance of murals and street art in the City of Brotherly Love (and Sisterly Affection).

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