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Eating Freshly Speared Fish in Raja Ampat

Traveling to Raja Ampat, Indonesia aboard SeaTrek Sailing Adventure's "Ombak Putih" is a scrumptious delight. But eating a freshly speared fish cooked on an open fire on a nearby beach…

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701 Webcut Xtra - RV Road Trip to the Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel

Raw Travel takes an RV road trip to the beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel.

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614 Web Cut Extra #2 - Boondocking in an RV

No RV Park reservations? No Problem. Boondocking in an RV.

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615 Web Cut Extra - Historic Downtown Sanford's Live Music Scene

Rob discusses the live music scene in Historic Downtown Sanford, Florida with Dan & Hannah, two locals in the scene.

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614 Web Cut Extra #1 - RV Road Tripping in Texas Hill Country

The Texas Hill Country is perfect for an RV Roadtrip.

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607 Web Cut Extra - Rob Discusses Visiting Seoul, South Korea

Rob talks about the pleasant experience he had visiting Seoul, South Korea

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609 Web Cut - The Wisdom of Costa Rican Crocodiles

Turns out Costa Rican crocodiles are wiser than they appear.

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610 Webcut Extra

Rob tries and tries and fails to say "Bon App├ętit" in Korean. Hey, it's not as easy as it looks.

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Tip 604 - Proper Spanish Pronunciation

Some of Spain's Spanish is pronounced differently from Latin American Spanish. Here's a short primer.

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Web Segment - First Night in an RV Park

Rob's very first night in an RV Park.

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