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Busan South Korea for Fresh Seafood

If you like fresh seafood, you'll love Busan, South Korea!

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705 Tip - How to Visit the Tribes of Southern Ethiopia

When visiting the tribes of Southern Ethiopia, pre-planning is a must.

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First Time in Medellin, Colombia?

Tips for the first-time traveler to Medellin, Colombia.

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701 Tip - Finding Fresh Seafood @ Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel

Finding fresh seafood at the beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel is easy. Here are just a few recommendations.

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Use Two Hands When Visiting Korea

Two hands are much better than one when visiting South Korea.

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What to Bring on a Water-Based Adventure

Some tips on what to bring on a sailboat and water-based adventure.

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Renting a Motorhome

If a new RV user, but size matters, you can start small and work your way up to the bigger classes of Motorhomes.

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Parking an RV? Back It Up

When it comes to parking your RV, do yourself a favor and back it up!

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701 Tip 2 - Volunteering in Fort Myers & Sanibel

Volunteer opportunities at the beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel abound.

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Tip 613 - Proper Sunscreen When Snorkeling

When snorkeling, be sure and use sunscreen without oxybenzone to avoid damaging the coral.

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