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904 Webcut - NY See Queens: Got Your Back

When Main Street Patrol founder Teresa Ting had the idea to host free self-defense classes after cowardly and xenophobic attacks on vulnerable Asians in New York City, Martial Arts Instructor…

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903 Tip - Finding a Suitable RV Park

Rob shares tips about finding a suitable RV spot to spend a few days.

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907 Trailer - A Taste of Puerto Rico

Rob visits Puerto Rico to get his fill of the island's multi-faceted and diverse gastronomical delights!

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907 Episode Preview - A Taste of Puerto Rico

A short preview of Raw Travel Episode 907 "A Taste of Puerto Rico."

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902 Webcut - Frutos del Guacabo Hydroponics

Frutos del Guacabo is an agri-culinary farm on the cutting edge of sustainable agriculture. They are using cutting-edge hydroponics to create a local farm-to-table experience in Manati, Puerto Rico.

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902 Tip - Visiting Puerto Rico's Natural Wonders

Don't just hang out in Old San Juan. Puerto Rico has a lot to offer nature lovers. Puerto Rico has a lot to offer nature lovers.

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901 Tip - Taking the Stairs in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik, Croatia is gorgeous and old... really old. So pack appropriately and get ready to climb some stairs.

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901 Webcut - Talking Dubrovnik and Over-Tourism

Rob discusses his return to travel after a 20-month hiatus and how the pandemic presents destinations like Dubrovnik, Croatia, an opportunity to combat over-tourism.

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903 Web Cut - Rob discusses visiting Clifton, TN & Small-Town USA

Rob discusses visiting Clifton, Tennessee, and what he likes about visiting small-town America, especially when on an RV Road Trip.

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906 Episode Preview - Down on The (Summertown) Farm

Rob and his RV visit the legendary Farm in Summertown, Tennessee, to see how it's changed and remained the same since its hippie caravan heydays.

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Raw Travel Season 9 Trailer

Travel and Raw Travel are back for more in 2021-22. Here is a sneak peek into Season 9!

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401 Trailer - Beat of Ghana's Eastern Region

Trailer for Raw Travel 401 - "The Beat of Ghana's Eastern Region"

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