Raw Travel Videos - Behind the Scenes

Eating Silkworms in Busan, South Korea

Silkworms are a great snack when "getting your Busan on" in South Korea.

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Why Ukraine is Europe's Rising Travel Star

Rob sits down with Yulia of JC Travel to discuss why travelers the world over are falling in love with Ukraine.

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The Boogie Playboys: Hong Kong & China Behind the Scenes

The Boogie Playboys of Hong Kong provide the music. Behind the Scenes images are from Raw Travel TV's visit to the Guangdong Province and Hong Kong ChinaThe Boogie Playboys of…

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Traveling on the cheap to Hong Kong

Think you can't afford to travel to Hong Kong? Think again!

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709 - Rob discusses how Raja Ampat changed him

Rob talks about how his adventure through Raja Ampat with Seatrek Sailing Adventure changed him.

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709 Webcut Extra - Love Song for Raja Ampat

Anastasia performs a beautiful acoustic version of an Indonesian folks song on our final day in Raja Ampat, Indonesia aboard Seatrek Sailing Adventure's Ombak Putih.

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613 -Rob Goes in Search of elusive (extinct) pterodactyl in Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat in Indonesia is so remote and off-the-grid that Rob thinks he's rediscovered the elusive (extinct) pterodactyl. Maybe he has?

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715 - Laundry Triage!

There's a trick to smelling fresh as a daisy when on the road. And it's not just bathing every other Saturday night.

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706 Webcut Extra - Rob sits in on a rehearsal with Los Suziox

Rob sits in on a rehearsal with Los Suziox (The Dirty) as they perform Armas Silenciosas (Silent Arms) in Medellin, Colombia.

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709 Webcut Extra - Rob Gets Stung By A Jellyfish And...

Rob gets stung by a jellyfish while snorkeling in Raja Ampat, Indonesia. Cameraman Nate tries to help but bungles it!

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