The Give Back

Travel has a way of transforming lives and changing the way we see the world. Amazing things can happen when we take a break from our daily lives, leave behind our routines and explore other cultures.

Voluntourism, or giving back while traveling, either to the environment or to local people in need, is one of the fastest growing segments in the travel industry and for good reason. Traveling to developing countries often leads to a desire to do more than just become a passive tourist, but instead become an active traveler.

Travelers, all over the world, are finding that volunteering while abroad, even if just for a short part of their journey, helps create one of the most fulfilling experiences of a lifetime. While it’s sure to change the lives of the people being helped, it’s just as likely to change the lives of the volunteer.


There are so many different ways to give back that we couldn’t possibly cover them all. However, we have tried to incorporate the spirit of giving into our episodes. By providing viewers with resources, we hope to get them started on the road to a different kind of travel experience and maybe even a different kind of life.

Below please find some links to organizations that we’ve incorporated into the shows or that can offer assistance to volunteers when traveling. Also be sure to visit our frequently updated SOCIAL ENTREPRENEUR   spotlight for other organizations doing their part to make the world better, often one person at a time.

As with any pursuit, we recommend you do your research and due diligence before committing to a project to make sure it has the best interest of both the traveler and the cause at heart.

If you have a recommendation for an organization or information to include here please CONTACT us  and we’ll do our best to include it at our next update.