Using South Korean Toilets

Getting Sick While Abroad

Rob shares some tips when getting sick while abroad. Please note – Rob is NOT a doctor. Seek professional medical advice.

Combatting Jet Lag

How to Live La Vida Local (The Local Life)

Rob offers some tips on how to “Live La Vida Local,” the local life in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Non-French Speakers Visiting Paris

Do you really need to speak French to visit Paris, France?

How a Shirt Can Save Lives

This Empathy = Strength shirt literally saves lives. Visit to find out how.

Slow Travel is the new luxury travel

Slowing down to enjoy travel is the new luxury.

Healthy ways to familiarize yourself with a new destination

It can be fun and healthy to familiarize yourself with a new destination.

In Croatia, Cash is King

When visiting Croatia get ready for a mostly cash economy.

Dining in Paris

Many restaurants in Paris kick it old school, closing after lunch to prepare for the dinner crowd. Here’s a tip if you’re hungry in between meals.

Use jet lag to reset

Jet lag isn’t all bad. It can reset your clock and get you back in the swing “early to bed, early to rise.”

How to Help Ukraine Responsibly

How to help Ukraine responsibly? It’s not ALL about volunteering or donating money. Visit to help with medical supplies, generators, water filtration, school supplies, etc.

Rob’s Tips on Living Abroad

Rob offers some real-world advice on living abroad.


Buying souvenirs when in Portugal

Rob offers advice on buying gifts or souvenirs for any budget when visiting Portugal.

Preparing for a Patagonia Road Trip

Heading to remote Patagonia on a road trip? Gas stations are sparse, so remember to gas up!

Slang in Puerto Rico? Avoid this word!

Want to speak Boricua when in Puerto Rico? Watch out for this word!

Layering in Lisbon

When visiting Lisbon, Portugal in the winter, layer it up.

Doing Laundry on the Dalmatian Coast

No dryer? No problem. At least on the Dalmatian Coast in Croatia.

Kicking it Old-School in Argentina

Argentina evokes a charming, old-school, European vibe. Even many of the bathrooms are classics.

Visiting the Trail of Tears Interpretive Center in Pulaski, TN

The “Trail of Tears Interpretive Center” in Pulaski, Tennessee is a great spot to learn about this tragic chapter of U.S. history.