Saying “Thank You” in South Korea

You’re going to be saying this a lot when in South Korea, so practice before you go.

What to Wear on a River Cruise

I love to dress down as much as anyone when traveling but when packing for a cruise bring something a little dressier for the formal dinners and events.

Two Keys Please

Hotels & Ships in Europe and other parts of the world require a key card for electricity. Ask for two key cards if you need to charge a device, but remember to hit the lights and turn off the AC to save electricity when not in the room.

Greeting Someone in Korea

Kisses and handshakes are too much… just a polite smile and bow will do just fine in Korea.

RV Sharing As An Option

Thanks to the development of recent apps you can “try before you buy” by renting an RV through an RV Sharing website.

How to Level Out Your RV

How to level out your RV when on unlevel ground.

Dressing for the Azores

When traveling to the Azores dress for 4 seasons and a little rain.

What To Do When A Volcano Erupts

Volcano eruption? No problem!

Airport Friendly Travel Belt

Here is a TSA & travel-friendly belt perfect for airport travel from the folks at

When Travel Goes Wrong

Travel enough and eventually travel will go wrong. Here are some pointers on what to do when travel goes wrong.

Driving in Guadeloupe

Driving in Guadeloupe is easy breezy!

RV Travel – Rent Before You Go

Renting an RV is a great way to test out RV Travel and determining which RV is right for you before you buy.

Staying at RV Parks

RV parks come in all varieties but some feature water, electricity, hot showers, swimming pools, and even wifi.

Electricity When in Guadeloupe

When visiting Guadeloupe from the U.S., don’t forget electric adapters.

Sunscreen in South America

File under “duh!” but cool, high altitude destinations in South America can be deceiving. Mom was right. Wear sunscreen!

Preventing Altitude Sickness

Simple but effective tip for combating altitude sickness in high altitude destinations.

Natural Cleanse for Traveler’s Diarrhea

Moctezuma’s Revenge, Traveler’s Diarrhea, whatever you call it, getting sick while traveling is no fun. Here is a tip from Peru that may help.

Packing for a “Bleisure” Trip

Here’s a tip for a business plus leisure or “Bleisure” trip from Hook & Albert. Visit HERE for the hook up on the Garment Weekender.

Respectful Travel to Developing Destinations

Here are just a few common sense tips for respectful travel to developing destinations.

Travel Gear – Solar Sack

Here is a cool little backpack that is perfect for an overnight or day trip that comes with a solar, rechargeable battery pack, compass, etc.