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As Seen On Raw Travel - Care For Wild Africa Rhino Sanctuary

Care for Wild Africa in South Africa is the biggest rhino sanctuary in the world. They are working to save endangered rhinos by charing for young, orphaned rhinos and other…

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Touring Hanoi, Vietnam with Shorty & Smarty

The hands down BEST way to see a place is with a local. Shorty & Smarty (nicknames) are two students in Vietnam. They were able to practice their English and…

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The Morning Show Shuffle

Yeah, we get around.. here are just a few of our television appearances.

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Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes "Why We Love Houston"

Raw Travel host Robert Rose discusses the diversity and friendliness of Houston and why he decided to film there.

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When Travel Goes Wrong - The Trip That Wasn't

Raw Travel TV was scheduled to film in the Azores Islands over the Memorial Day Holiday. But Delta Airlines, Avis/Budget Rental Car and Lady Luck had different ideas. This is…

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Raw Travel 405 Behind The Scenes - Cuba Undercover Q&A With Rob

Executive Producer Robert Rose discusses why Raw Travel decided to film in Cuba Surreptitiously.

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Extended Web Cuts

RT 410 Philly - Webcut Extra W/ Mural Arts Philadelphia

Raw Travel catches up with Mural Arts Philadelphia founder Jane Golden on the importance of murals and street art in the City of Brotherly Love (and Sisterly Affection).

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RT 416 "Lovable Lima" Webcut Extra - Food Tours in Peru

Marisol Mosquera, the founder of Aracari Travel, explains why Peruvian Food Tours are becoming so popular.

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RT 415 - Webcut Extra: Why We Love Houston, Texas

Raw Travel Producer & Host, Robert Rose talks about how diversity adds to Houston's small town appeal.

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Trailers & Previews

Raw Travel 416 - "Lovable Lima" Episode Preview

Short video preview of Raw Travel 416 - "Lovable Lima".

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417 Episode Preview - Amazing Animals

Short episode preview of Raw Travel episode 417 - Amazing Animals

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Raw Travel 418 Trailer - Hey, Gimme' Dat!

Raw Travel 418 Trailer - "Hey, Gimme' Dat" How minimalism can co-exist with socially conscious shopping around the world.

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