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515 Webcut Extra - River Cruise With CroisiEurope

Rob reflects on his experience on his 1st ever river cruise in Spain and Portugal with CroisiEurope Cruises.

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Surprising, Eclectic H-Town

Raw Travel Host Robert Rose discusses how Houston's diverse and eclectic artistic energy surprised him.

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As Seen On Raw Travel - Care For Wild Africa Rhino Sanctuary

Care for Wild Africa in South Africa is the biggest rhino sanctuary in the world. They are working to save endangered rhinos by charing for young, orphaned rhinos and other…

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Behind the Scenes

516 Behind The Scenes - Rob Tries K-Pop in South Korea

We know what K-Pop is, but not sure what this is. Epic fail or "A" for effort? You be the judge.

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511 Webcut Extra: Low Bridge Clearance

Don't try this at home, unless your home is CroisiEurope Cruise's "La Belle De Cadix" sailing on the Guadalquivir River in Southern Spain.

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Raw Travel Interview with Icelandair

Travel to Iceland is taking off. Raw Travel speaks to Icelandair to find out why.

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Extended Web Cuts

516 Webcut Extra - Visiting a Temple in Seoul, South Korea

Rob awakes early to escape the crew while filming in Seoul, South Korea and visit a Buddhist Temple.

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514 Webcut Extra: Henderson, Louisiana for an RV Road Trip

An RV Road Trip in Cajun Country is "Se Bon" and if you want authentic Cajun, Zydeco and Creole culture hit up the town of Henderson in Southern Louisiana.

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504 Webcut Extra - Guadeloupe: An Undiscovered Gem

Raw Travel TV catches up with ex-pat travel consultant Reed van Renesse to talk about why he thinks Guadeloupe is the Caribbean's undiscovered travel gem for U.S. travelers.

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Trailers & Previews

516 Episode Preview - South Korea

Short episode preview of Raw Travel's first foray into South Korea.

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RT 512 Trailer - Adventures to the Azores: Sao Miguel Island

Raw Travel continues their exploration of the remote Azores archipelago with an adventure-filled journey to Sao Miguel Island.

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RT 513 Episode Preview - Voyage to the Marquesas

The Raw Travel crew begins an epic journey aboard the Aranui, the famed cargo & passenger hybrid ship, to visit some of the most secluded islands in the South Pacific.

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Travel Tips

Raw Travel Tip 517 - What to do when travel goes wrong

Travel enough and eventually travel will go wrong. Here are some pointers on what to do when travel goes wrong.

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RV Travel - Rent Before You Go

Renting an RV is a great way to test out RV Travel and determining which RV is right for you before you buy.

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Dressing for the Azores

When traveling to the Azores dress for 4 seasons and a little rain.

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