Towable vs. a Motorhome RV

When it comes to Recreational Vehicles, there are a lot of varieties. That’s why it’s always smart to rent before you buy.

Packing for an RV Roadtrip

As always pack light but with an RV there’s usually plenty of storage for extra clothes and gear.

Sunscreen When Snorkeling Near Coral

Remember to choose sunscreen without Oxybenzone when snorkeling near coral.

Avoiding Transactional Relationships

Tips for visiting Cartagena, Colombia from “Mister No” himself.

Dining Etiquette in South Korea

From renowned dining etiquette expert… oh, he’s not available? Oh, well, here’s Rob filling in with tips about dining etiquette in South Korea

All Natural Mosquito Repellent

Skip the chemicals and get this local all natural mosquito repellent when visiting French Polynesia. Just remember to slather on generously.

Traveling to Asia? Take Your Shoes Off and Stay Awhile

Traveling to South Korea or other parts of Asia? Wear loafers so you can take your shoes on and off with ease.

A Tip About Tipping Aboard the Aranui

Unlike most cruise ships, tipping aboard the Aranui is not mandatory.

Renting a Vehicle in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a great destination for a road trip, but renting a vehicle can be tricky with insurance costs jacking up the price. Do your homework.

Proper Spanish Pronunciation

Pronunciation just isn’t Rob’s thing but Yohan tries to teach him proper Spain Spanish pronunciation nonetheless.

Renting Vehicles in the Marquesas

Lack of rental car companies in the Marquesas Islands doesn’t mean you can’t explore on your own.

Have Your RV Set Up For You

Try renting an RV from someone who will also help you set it up. It’s a great way to try before you buy.

Renting a Towable RV

Renting a towable RV frees up your tow vehicle and allows you the freedom to explore surrounding areas.

Visiting Gangwon-do, South Korea

When visiting Seoul, South Korea, it’s just a short drive or train ride east to experience the various and vast wonders of Gangwon-do Province.

Respectful Temple Stay

Tips on how to have a respectful and fulfilling Temple-Stay when visiting a Buddhist Temple.

Saying “Thank You” in South Korea

You’re going to be saying this a lot when in South Korea, so practice before you go.

What to Wear on a River Cruise

I love to dress down as much as anyone when traveling but when packing for a cruise bring something a little dressier for the formal dinners and events.

Two Keys Please

Hotels & Ships in many parts of the world require a key card for electricity. Ask for two key cards if you need to charge a device, but please turn off lights & AC to save electricity when not in the room.

Greeting Someone in Korea

Kisses and handshakes are too much… just a polite smile and bow will do just fine in Korea.

RV Sharing As An Option

Thanks to the development of recent apps you can “try before you buy” by renting an RV through an RV Sharing website.