How to Dress in Ethiopia

Northern Ethiopia is home to some iconic religious sites. Rob shares some tips on how to dress appropriately.

Getting Around by Air in Ethiopia

Ethiopia is a big country with spotty road infrastructure, but getting around by air is cheap and easy, especially if you fly into the country with Ethiopian Airlines.

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Traveling to Ethiopia

Traveling to Ethiopia requires preparation and a flexible mindset, but the rewards are worth it.

Dressing for conservative locations

Cynthia Cramblett, host of Her Drive podcast, offers practical advice to females visiting locations like Gergeti Trinity Church in the country of Georgia.

Visiting Vilnius, Lithuania

Visiting Vilnius, Lithuania in the winter? Do it! But be prepared to have your mind blown and your feet cold!

Taking a Taxi in Istanbul, Turkey

Rob talks about how to take a taxi in Istanbul, Turkey without getting ripped off.

Not Led Zeppelin! Lithuanian Zeppelin

Rob tries the hearty and filling Lithuanian dumpling called the Cepelinai, or as it’s also known, the Zeppelin.

Apartment Share for Authentic Travel

How to get beyond the tourism zone and have an authentic travel experience.

What to wear in Indonesia

What to pack when visiting Indonesia.

Fortune Telling with Turkish Coffee

Turkish coffee provides more than just a caffeine rush, after drinking, it can be used to tell your fortune.

When in Ukraine, Take the Train!

Rob recommends the train, when traveling within Ukraine.

Traveling on the Cheap to Hong Kong

Think you can’t afford to travel to Hong Kong? Think again!

Visiting Guangzhou, China for the first time

Guangzhou in Southern China is huge, but there is no need to be intimidated, the people are incredibly hospitable to foreigners.

Must drink when visiting Lviv, Ukraine

If you visit Lviv, Ukraine you must try the famous “Drunken Cherry” drink, especially in the fall or winter.

What to buy when visiting Lviv, Ukraine

Buying gifts for friends and family back home is easy in Lviv, Ukraine. Just grab some famous Lviv chocolate.

Handshaking 101 in Ethiopia

It’s easy to make friends in Ethiopia but greetings are as varied as the people you will meet.

Best Beaches in South Korea

Finding the best beaches in South Korea is surprisingly easy.

Getting Around Bali, Indonesia

Jumping on an “ojek” may be your best way to get around the traffic in Denpasar of Bali, Indonesia.

First Time in Medellin, Colombia

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