Renting Cars Abroad

Get some helpful tips before renting a car when traveling abroad.

Walking the Streets of New York City

Keep this tip in mind and you’ll be on time when walking the streets of New York City.

Avoid the Crowds

The best times to visit almost any well traveled, touristy destination are weekdays. Steer clear of weekends and holidays and enjoy some elbow room!

Keep the Change

When in Eastern Europe, it pays to keep the change. You’re gonna need it!

Finding a Hotel

Sometimes it pays to wait to book a hotel until after you arrive to your destination.

Staying Fit While Traveling – Beach Version

Raw Travel presents basic tips for staying fit while traveling.

Staying Healthy While Traveling

Hate getting sick? Me too! Even worse is getting sick while traveling.  Here are some tips to help you stay healthy while traveling.

Travel to High Altitudes

Some practical tips for traveling to high altitude destinations.

Giving Back While Traveling

Giving back is fulfilling and easy when you Do It Yourself. Rob gives some DIY Giving Back tips.

Book Exchange

Lighten your load and leave the bulky books at home. Here’s how to keep the reading interesting while traveling abroad.

Conserving Water

Tips on how to conserve water whether at home or abroad.

Passport Care

Learn some simple but practical tips on how to secure your passport when traveling abroad.

Money When Abroad

Simple but practical tips on handling money while traveling abroad.