Natural Cleanse for Traveler’s Diarrhea

Moctezuma’s Revenge, Traveler’s Diarrhea, whatever you call it, getting sick while traveling is no fun. Here is a tip from Peru that may help.

Packing for a “Bleisure” Trip

Here’s a tip for a business plus leisure or “Bleisure” trip from Hook & Albert. Visit HERE for the hook up on the Garment Weekender.

Respectful Travel to Developing Destinations

Here are just a few common sense tips for respectful travel to developing destinations.

Travel Gear – Solar Sack

Here is a cool little backpack that is perfect for an overnight or day trip that comes with a solar, rechargeable battery pack, compass, etc.

Fun Travel Research Tip

Big trip coming up? See if there is a cultural center from your destination in your home town and visit for great tips, books, connections before you go.

Overcoming the Language Barrier

There are many ways for the English speaking, mono-linguist raw traveler to overcome the language barrier. Here are some basic tips.

Clean Water In Developing Destinations

Clean drinking water is important when traveling to developing destinations like Haiti. Here is one of our favorite filters.

Visiting Cuba? Know What to Bring

Be prepared when visiting Cuba.

Raw Travel Tip – Preventing Mosquito Bites

Tips on reducing and preventing mosquito bites when traveling.

Getting Around in Chattanooga

Chattanooga is a forward thinking city and it’s pretty easy to get around. Here are some tips on how to see this Southern gem like a local.

Packing With a Purpose

Visiting a developing destination? “Packing With A Purpose” is a great way to give back.

Repurposing Trash

Re-purposing garbage is a creative way to save the environment and some dough.

When Visiting Norway – Be On Time

There is no such thing as arriving fashionably late in Norway and other Scandinavian destinations.

Energy Tip – The War On Jet Lag

Jet lag is my nemesis when I travel. It causes me to do some really stupid things. Here is my latest weapon in the war against Jet Lag. Check them out at

Visiting Native American Reservations

Tribal tourism is growing in popularity. Here are some tips when visiting a Native American Reservation.

Energy Tip – Refreshing Energy Boost

Travel (and producing) is hard work. With enrgICE it’s just rip, tip and go.

Dressing for Travel

Tips on dressing for that big trip.

Travel Green & Save Energy

Some simple ways you can go green and save energy while traveling.

Hotel Alternatives

Outlines the benefits of renting or sharing an apartment rather than a hotel when traveling.

Don’t Rely on GPS

If you’re hitting the remote Western U.S. or other rural areas GPS may not work. Carry a map to consult just in case.