101 Trailer – Quito, Ecuador

Episode 101- Quito, Ecuador – No Reruns Scheduled

Raw Travel goes to new heights by traveling to the high altitude, capital city of Quito, Ecuador. While there Raw Travel explores the city’s old cobblestone streets and historical architecture. Then it’s off to the outskirts of the city to visit the Foundation for the Honor of Life School, where we give out much needed school supplies to students from poor and troubled homes.

Then we visit the Mitad Del Mundo, or Middle of the World, to try and clear up some confusion just about where the actual middle of the earth is located. Plus we check out some real life, shrunken heads. Then we visit the famous Pancho Market in the nearby indigenous town of Otavalo. Rob gets a lesson on typical Andean music at the incredible ñanda mañachi, and later, reluctantly samples the indigenous staple of fried cuy (guinea pig).

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