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Laos is a small, landlocked and sparsely populated country in Southeast Asia and therein lies the charm. Surrounded by larger, more populous nations like Vietnam, Thailand & China, Laos is a haven without the swarming throngs of tourists. The relaxed, laid back but friendly nature of the Lao people is infectious and as more and… Learn more

Honduras: Beaches, Ancient Ruins & People Making a Difference

Coming up this weekend, Raw Travel will not only check out beautiful beaches, ancient ruins and fishing villages, but also how some people are trying to make a difference in Honduras, as well as the exploration of the little known Garifuna culture. Join Robert for another adventure filled with culture, beautiful locations and amazing people.… Learn more

Pura Vida Time! Adventure in Costa Rica

It's finally here...Central America's most visited destination and eco-tourism darling Costa Rica. Get ready for a heart pounding adventure. Pura Vida! More info HERE. Learn more

Feeding The Traveler's Appetite

Why oh why, with over 100 million people in the U.S. with passports (up from just a few million in the 1980s), would outlets like the Travel Channel completely ignore international travel? In fact, Travel Channel is looking more and more like just another reality channel these days. Biggest sandwich in Vegas, best amusement park… Learn more