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Screamin' Rebel Angels

Screamin' Rebel Angels - Biography  (Photo by: Arthur NYC) “We’re Screamin’ Rebel Angels, are you ready for some fun?” Those that have witnessed the live performances of Screamin’ Rebel Angels are immediately thunderstruck by the fiery redhead ricocheting around the stage, Gretsch in hand, with satin and gravel in her voice. Those new to the… Learn more

Dorados Rockabilly Trio

  The Dorados Rockabilly Trio is a rockabilly band hailing from Medellin, Colombia. Like many rockabilly bands, the Dorados’ (Spanish for gold) main influences are from American rock-n-roll from the 1950′s. They include artists like Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent and Elvis Presley. The band members also cite modern day punk and punkabilly bands like Social… Learn more