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Half Price

Half Price is a Cape Town, South Africa based party punk rock band made up of Homo Pete, The DFG, Emo Mawk and Kyle The Machine. They claim to be 90% politically incorrect and 10% politically incompetent. Since its inception in Cape Town in 2001, Half Price has caused havoc in South African music circles. Often… Learn more

Monkey Business

Monkey Business is a ska band from Moscow, Russia. You can hear music from this Russian sextet's debut album "Sextremism" and learn more about this Russian ska-punk band at their page HERE. Learn more

Los Suziox (The Dirty)

LOS SUZIOX Los Suziox (The Dirty) is a uniquely talented punk band hailing from the hilly streets of the working class barrios of Medellin, Colombia. Los Suziox (LSZX) is the epitome of Do It Yourself (DIY) punk, having independently recorded several tracks and self managed an extensive touring schedule, despite lacking resources that many North… Learn more


TARAKANY! Tarakany! (Cockroaches!) is one of the most well known and longest running punk-rock bands in Russia, no small feat in the largest country in the world where western influenced music, media and fashion were outlawed up until just 2 years prior to the band’s formation in 1991. Like Russia, this popular Moscow band has… Learn more