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Episode 108- Road Trip to Salta, Argentina -No Reruns Scheduled

Raw Travel explores outside the capital city of Buenos Aires to experience some authentic gaucho culture in the tranquil town of San Antonio de Areco and then it’s on to Estancia El Cencerro, a working ranch that hosts travelers from all over the world. Next the crew takes a look at another side of Argentina as Raw Travel heads to the remote and incredibly picturesque northwest desert region Salta Province. The crew explores the many beautiful and historical churches of Salta and then road trips to the incredible, indigenous Quilmes Ruins. What trip to Argentina would be complete without a visit to what some consider the best wine vineyards in the world? Raw Travel visits the legendary El Esteco Vineyards in the charming town of Cafayete to show viewers why many Argentine wines from this region are not just delicious, but also natural and organic.