Leena Conquest

Genre: Jazz , NeoSoul


American singer Leena Conquest has been included in the 2011 Downbeat Critics Poll Top 10 Albums for her work on I Plan to Stay a Believer with bassist William Parker (www.aumfidelity.com). The Wire’s Phil Freeman says it’s “never less than vibrantly alive and utterly suffused with joy.”

Not a far cry from her earliest beginnings when she penned the club hit, Boundaries and released her Come Fly Away CD. She has worked with a host of jazz luminaries including vibes player Roy Ayers and pianist Dave Burrell. “Though many of these compositions have been wonderfully released as instrumentals by Dave Burrell over the years, Leena Conquest gives them fresh life,” Bobby Hill says about their duo collaboration.

She continues to bridge that eternal divide, moving from the classic to the modern; fusing music genres and has a captivating presence that puts her in a class with the best. This Texas- born chanteuse can be heard on several recordings including Raining on the Moon (www.thirstyear.com) and Cornmeal Dance (www.aumfidelity.com). Cited as an Artist on the Rise by the Chicago Jazz Festival 2009, and with accolades from New York City Arts columnist Howard Mandel, Leena’ s international tours have included Italy, England, France, Spain, Portugal, Finland, Austria, Tunisia and more. “Brilliant” is what writer Larry Blumenthal called her at New York’s Vision Festival 2008.

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