About Us


“Travel! For some it’s a luxurious escape, or maybe an adrenaline filled adventure. But if you’re like me, it’s a precious opportunity to discover and to give back. It’s time to get real. It’s time to get raw. It’s time for Raw Travel!” Robert Rose / Executive Producer & Host


No Hair & Makeup, No Celebrity Guests… Just Travel… Raw Travel!

Raw Travel is an internationally syndicated television series that is currently in its 5th Season and can be viewed in the United States on over 165 broadcast affiliates in over 94% of the U.S. representing over 105 million U.S. homes. Raw Travel can also be viewed in a variety of international territories including Asia (National Geographic People), India (Amazon) Africa (Edan), Europe (Fox Iberia) as well as several airlines (Air Canada, FinAir, Saudi Air, Virgin, Alaska Air, etc.) and digital.

The show currently ranks as the #1 rated authentic travel show on commercial TV in the United States in many major demographics. Visit HERE for information where to watch.

Raw Travel is unique in that it is independently produced and financed and focuses on socially conscious travel. It showcases the growing wave of socially and environmentally conscious travel while celebrating the self-discovery that authentic travel and experience among other cultures can bring. The show incorporates eco-tourism, voluntourism (traveling volunteers), adventure sports, underground music, authentic culture, food, tradition and much more.

Executive Producer and Host, Robert Rose, navigates through an unpredictable world of travel to locations off the beaten path. In the process, Rob & crew connect with a variety of colorful locals. Raw Travel invites viewers to get rid of their fears, break out their passports and take a journey to “meet the neighbors.” Real, ordinary people having trans-formative, life-changing experiences through thoughtful, authentic and raw travel.

We call it “traveling with heart”, we hope you’ll call it good.