• Belize - It's Beautiful, and Complicated

    Belize is beautiful, of that there is little doubt, and the people just can't be beat for their friendliness. But poverty abounds and the Raw Travel crew tries to dig just a little deeper to get beyond the veneer of…

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  • Panama - Not What You Think

    Coming up on the next Raw Travel it's the Central American country of Panama. We'll spend a grand total of about 3.5 seconds talking about the famous canal and the rest of the time showing a side of Panama many…

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  • Getting Raw in Guatemala

    Join Raw Travel this weekend for a raw adventure to Guatemala. Clued in locals show the crew around Guate City who discover this Central American capital city has a lot to offer. Then it's time to experience some ancient Mayan…

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  • Coming Up: Eco-Costa Rica

    On the next Raw Travel we head to eco-tourism's original and still reigning champ Costa Rica. We'll hang out with some bloodsucking bats, handle some poisonous snakes and feed some crazy crocodiles.... and live to tell you about it. It's…

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No Hair & Makeup, No Celebrity Guests… Just Travel… Raw Travel!

AIM Tell-A-Vision Group presents Raw Travel, a one of a kind, fast moving television series that showcases the growing wave of socially and environmentally aware travel. Raw Travel celebrates the self-discovery that authentic cultural experiences can bring. The show incorporates eco-tourism, adventure sports, volun-tourism (giving back), indie music, authentic culture and more.

The camera follows Executive Producer and Host, Robert Rose, as he navigates through the unpredictable realm of adventurous travel to off the beaten path locations all over the world. Raw Travel invites viewers to get rid of their fears, break out their passports and take a journey to “meet the neighbors”. No celebrities, no gimmicks, silly contest or games, just ordinary people having trans-formative, life changing encounters through thoughtful, real and raw travel

Latest videos

BTS - Congo Dancing in Portobello, Panama

Behind The Scenes of some traditional Afri-Latino congo dancing in Portobello, Panama

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Raw Travel 116 - Belize Episode Preview

From Howler Monkeys to scuba diving to the growing genre of agri-tourism, find out what's up with the tiny but friendly Central American country of Belize on the next Raw Travel.

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U.S. Travelers Ryan & Michael Share Their Belize Adventure

We ran into Oregon travelers Ryan & Michael while in Belize and they shared with us why they chose this small, Central American country.

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Raw Travel 114 - Guatemala Episode Preview

A sneak peek into Raw Travel - Guatemala

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Raw Travel - El Trapiche in Costa Rica

BONUS WEB SEGMENT: Raw Travel visits El Trapiche ranch in Monteverde, Costa Rica.

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Online Only Extended Cut - ABC No Rio

Yo, yo, yo... Here is a cool 'web only" feature from Raw Travel 118 - NYC Part 1 Episode featuring "ABC No Rio" in New York City's Lower East Side. The episode is scheduled to re-air September 6th-7th. Now Don't…

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Episode 121 - Raw Culture

Got culture? You do now... Raw Culture like you've never seen before on Raw Travel

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Episode 120 - Voluntourism

On this episode of Raw Travel find out why Voluntourism or giving back is such a growing and powerful from of travel these days

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Episode 119 - Raw Adrenaline

Sweaty palms?  Pounding heart rate? Check & Check.. it must be time for Raw Adrenaline on Raw Travel.

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