No Hair & Makeup, No Celebrity Guests… Just Travel… Raw Travel!

AIM Tell-A-Vision Group presents Raw Travel, a one of a kind, fast moving television series that showcases the growing wave of socially and environmentally aware travel. Raw Travel celebrates the self-discovery that authentic cultural experiences can bring. The show incorporates eco-tourism, adventure sports, volun-tourism (giving back), indie music, authentic culture and more.

The camera follows Executive Producer and Host, Robert Rose, as he navigates through the unpredictable realm of adventurous travel to off the beaten path locations all over the world. Raw Travel invites viewers to get rid of their fears, break out their passports and take a journey to “meet the neighbors”. No celebrities, no gimmicks, silly contest or games, just ordinary people having trans-formative, life changing encounters through thoughtful, real and raw travel

Latest videos

Raw Travel 216 Thailand Web Intro Preview

Short intro preview of Raw Travel Thailand.

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Raw Travel 216 – Thailand (Repeats Aug. 29 & 30)

Raw Travel heads to the land of smiles, Thailand for a surreal adventure.

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Vietnam - KOP Rock Band

Music video from KOP Rock Band in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) Vietnam

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Raw Travel Featured on Right This Minute

While filming in Vietnam, a very strange thing happened, Raw Travel garnered some publicity... oh and a crazy cow chased Rob on a motorcycle side car, that was kind of…

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Raw Travel 218 –Living Abroad (Repeats Sept 12 & 13)

Ever thought about living abroad? Millions of people do it. We'll showcase some expatriates U.S. citizens living abroad.

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Raw Travel 219 – Travel Green (Repeats Sept. 19 & 20)

Travel Green with Raw Travel. Ecoutourism, sustainable travel, animal conservation and agritourism are in the spotlight.

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Raw Travel - Travel is Strange Web Preview (Repeats Sept. 26 & 27)

Sometimes travel is just plain weird. Whether in exotic locations or closer to home, the Raw Travel crew showcases a variety of funny, perplexing and downright bizarre ways that travel…

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Raw Travel Western Frontier - Sneak Peek

Here is a sneak peek of Raw Travel - Western Frontier episodes premiering this fall.

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