104 Trailer- Rural Trinidad & Tobago

Episode 104- Rural Trinidad – No Reruns Scheduled

Rob gets a driving lesson on the “wrong” side of the road as the crew goes against the grain (and most guidebook recommendations) by renting a car to explore rural areas of the island of Trinidad. After a few scary moments, they are able to show viewers the unique melting pot of cultures and religions that make up the islands cultural identity. Raw Travel goes deep to learn how Trinidad & Tobago is protecting the environment and its ecology with visits to the southern tip of the island to explore the bird sanctuary, Point-A-Pierre Wildfowl Trust. The crew then doubles back to the remote northern coast to find the ancient species of endangered Leatherback Turtles, who, once a year make a deep sea pilgrimage from as far away as Africa to beach and lay their eggs.

Finally it’s off by boat to the smaller, yet more tourist laden, island of Tobago for snorkeling, hiking, and partying at Buccoo Bay. Here, the crew gets to see and even participate in one the of the area’s grandest attraction, the annual goat races!