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Behind The Scenes: When Raw Travel Goes Wrong - Pueblito the Rat

Sometimes (often) travel goes wrong. Pueblito - A sneaky (but kind of cute) prairie rat gives the Raw Travel crew a scare during their great North American Road Trip- Western…

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Chiang Mai, Thailand - Rock Show

Local musicians put on a concert just for us when we visited Chiang Mai, Thailand. Playing for our cameras and a small but loyal group of fans include the Canadian…

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Raw Travel Featured on Right This Minute

While filming in Vietnam, a very strange thing happened, Raw Travel garnered some publicity... oh and a crazy cow chased Rob on a motorcycle side car, that was kind of…

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Vietnam - Basket Boat Choreography

Jack Tran EcoTours puts a new "Spin" in centuries old Basket Boats in Hoi Ain, Vietnam

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Raw Travel Serbia - Video Diary (Behind the Scenes)

Behind the Scenes: Sneak preview of what is coming up this weekend on Raw Travel - Serbia

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Raw Travel Behind The Scenes - Bulgarian Folk Dancing

Bulgarian folk dancing, including the legendary fire dance, from Sozopol, Bulgaria on the Black Sea

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Raw Video - Behind the Scenes Serbia

Here is a super raw but super cool video from our trip to Novi Sad, Serbia where the band Red Union performed this patriotic anthem calling for freedom to an…

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Raw Travel - Nicaragua (Behind The Scenes)

It's a wrap! The Raw Travel crew talks about filming in Nicaragua in this special Behind the Scenes Extra.

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Uh-oh, Travel Goes Wrong

Yep, it happens. The best thing to do is to roll with the punches and (hopefully) you'll have a great story to tellĀ  when the trip is over.

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U.S. Travelers Ryan & Michael Share Their Belize Adventure

We ran into Oregon travelers Ryan & Michael while in Belize and they shared with us why they chose this small, Central American country.

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