Hiking in Remote Areas

Here is a tip when prepping for a hiking trip to remote areas. Be prepared, or you might lose an arm… or worse!

Packing for a Road Trip

When packing for a road trip keep it simple, keep it light and keep it consistent.

Respectful Travel in Laos

Here is a tip on how to respect the culture when traveling to Laos.

Helpful Words When Traveling to Laos

Here are some helpful pronunciations & words to keep in mind when traveling to Laos.

Getting Sick When Abroad

It’s doubtful, but it could happen, so be prepared in case you get  ill while abroad.

Exchanging Money

Get away from tourist zones and do your homework on exchange rates before getting local currency.

Stop the Noise & Get Some Sleep

Travel is loud. Ear plugs, eye mask and white noise app on your phone can help you get some ZZZsss no matter what time zone you are in.

Learning how to pack light

Too much luggage is a trip bummer. Luckily packing light is a learned skill, not an innate talent.

Headed to a remote destination? BYOTP!

Many bathrooms in remote or developing countries don’t have toilet paper, so bring your own. Thank us later.

Phone Tips When Abroad

No What’s App? No Wi-fi? What’s that, you say? Here’s a practical phone tip when traveling abroad.

Safety & Security Tips

The research bears it out. Travel is safe. Staying home is dangerous. Nonetheless, here are some tips when traveling abroad.

Sustainable Tourism

What’s the point of tourism if it is not sustainable? Here are a few tips on how travel can be enjoyed for generations to come.

Catching a Taxi Abroad

Taxis are notoriously tricky to navigate when traveling. Here are some tips to help take some of the guess work when abroad.

Bring the Right Bag

Don’t bring your airport wheely bag to the jungle. Elevators are small and in short supply in many older cities. Do some research and bring the right bag.

Filtered Water Bottles

Water bottles with built in filters help insure your drinking water will be safe.

Renting Cars Abroad

Get some helpful tips before renting a car when traveling abroad.

Walking the Streets of New York City

Keep this tip in mind and you’ll be on time when walking the streets of New York City.

Avoid the Crowds

The best times to visit almost any well traveled, touristy destination are weekdays. Steer clear of weekends and holidays and enjoy some elbow room!

Keep the Change

When in Eastern Europe, it pays to keep the change. You’re gonna need it!

Preparing for an Earthquake

Ok, you may never be really prepared for an earthquake, but when in high earthquake zones you can at least read the safety signs at the hotel.